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photos of air-water heat pumps (heat pump water heaters, including domestic heat pumps and commercial heat pumps.



As a specialized air-water heat pump manufacturer and engineering solution consultant, Wave Heat Pump(China) is in a leading position on technical fields of heat exchange, system control, working-in-low-ambient-temp, high/low pressure balance, refrigerant additive, etc.

We produce new generation air source heat pumps applying superior technologies: residential/domestic heat pumps (dynamic-heating type), industrial/commercial heat pumps (direct-heating type), and high quality swimming pool heat pumps.

Heat pump water heaters can replace conventional heaters (e.g. boilers, electric water heaters, geysers) with much higher energy efficience. With COP of 4~6, they will cut off your electricity bills by 75% or so, which means normally you can pay the units with savings in 1~2 years. Our product series are capable of meeting various of water heating requirements. To see solutions and application examples, click here.

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